Level Funding


Strike the Balance Between Stability and Savings

No two businesses are alike—that’s why we believe in creating a health plan that reflects the unique needs of each client. For employers moving from fully insured, we provide a solution that delivers the predictable payments of a fully insured plan while still enjoying the savings and control of a traditional self-funded plan: Level Funding.


Level Funding Will Take Your Plan in the Right Direction

Level-funded plans are perfect for smaller groups and employers who are interested in self-funding, but want to maintain the financial simplicity of their fully insured plan. With level funding, the employer will never pay more than their pre-determined monthly cost and will retain 100% of unused money after all claims are paid for the year.

With 90 Degree Benefits Level Funding, Employers Enjoy:

100% of unspent claim funds returned to the plan

No deficit recoupment or amortization

No individual medical questionnaires required for certain sized groups

Unlimited plan design options

Advantages of Level Funding

Fully Insured Level Funding
Level Monthly Payments
Unused Claim Funds Retained by Employer
Option to Roll Over Unused Funds to Next Year
Ability to Adjust Plan Before Year End
Access to Detailed and Actionable Claims Data

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