Plan Designs

Self-Funded Plans for Every Employer

Self-funded health plans give employers the freedom to create a benefit plan that is designed to save money while meeting the needs of their business and employee population. From traditional self-funded plans to level funded and beyond, self-funding with 90 Degree Benefits allows employers to take their business in the right direction through crafting the right health plan for their needs.


With a traditional self-funded plan, employers of all sizes gain the flexibility to customize and adjust benefit plans as organizational needs change. This in turn improves cash flow and overall ease of administration by centralizing services through a TPA and only paying for actual claims, not projected costs.

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Level funding allows employers to enjoy the financial consistency of a fully insured plan, while still reaping some of the savings benefits of a self-funded plan. Employers pay a set monthly fee for claims and administration but instead of losing any savings at the end of the plan year, unused claims dollars are saved for the following year or given back to the employer.

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Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

While healthcare reform continues to change, 90 Degree Benefits offers plans that comply with the minimum benefit requirements of the ACA, giving employers peace-of-mind that their benefit offering remains compliant in all states.

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